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Use BBF To Generate Article Ideas For Your Blog…

BBF can be used to generate blog article ideas, by providing it with a prompt that describes the topic or theme of the blog, along with any relevant keywords or phrases. It will then use its language generation capabilities to generate a list of potential article ideas… based on the prompts you’ve provided.

For example…

I Asked BBF To Generate 10 Article Ideas On The Topic Of Using Essectial Oils to Improve Over All Health.

Here’s the prompt: “Please create a list of 10 article ideas on the topic of using essential oils to improve overall health.”

In less than 15 seconds, here’s what it handed me…

  1. “The top 10 essential oils for stress relief and anxiety management”
  2. “How essential oils can improve your sleep and combat insomnia”
  3. “The benefits of using essential oils for pain management”
  4. “Essential oils for immune support: which oils to use and how to use them”
  5. “Using essential oils for skin care: a natural approach to improving skin health”
  6. “The benefits of aromatherapy with essential oils for mental well-being”
  7. “Essential oils for respiratory health: how to use them to improve breathing and alleviate allergies”
  8. “Using essential oils to improve digestion and gut health”
  9. “How essential oils can be used to enhance athletic performance and recovery””Essential oils for women’s health: how to use them to support menstrual cycles, menopause and more.”

Are you astounded? If you’re a blogger smoke should be coming out of your head!

There are a few ways to get the best results when using BBF to generate blog article ideas:

  • Provide clear and specific prompts…
    The more specific your prompta are, the better BBF will be able to understand what you’re looking for and generate relevant ideas. For example, instead of just asking for “blog ideas,” you could ask for “blog ideas for a finance website.”
  • Use a large amount of diverse input data…
    The more diverse input data you provide the writer, the more likely it will be able to generate a wide variety of ideas. This can be done by using a large dataset or fine-tuning the writer on a specific domain.
  • Use the generated ideas as inspiration…
    The ideas generated by the writer may not be perfect and may require some editing. Use the generated ideas as inspiration and tweak them to suit your own style and voice.
  • Use the writer to generate multiple ideas at a time.
  • Be open to new and unconventional ideas.
    (The writer may surprise you with unexpected and unique ideas.)